Nowhere 2013 tickets

Nowhere 2013 tickets are selling fast, get yours now!

Level 1 tickets for 105 euro till 30 April or till they sell out (there’s 400).

Last year there where about 1000 participants at Nowhere, but if the growth trend of previous years continues, there could be more then 1200 this year. And AFAIK the cap for the current location is 1200. So in theory Nowhere could sell out this year.

Prices for 2013 are:

  •  Level 1: 105 euros (available until 30 April or sold out)
  •  Level 2: 115 euros (available until 30 April or sold out)
  •  Level 3: 125 euros (available until 31 May or sold out)
  •  Level 4: 135 euros (available until sold out)
  • Gate sales: 170 euros (no gate sales after Friday midday)
  • Children under 14: Free (click the ‘Buy tickets’ link below to get child tickets – these are free so there won’t be a charge)
  • Low-income tickets level 1: 75 euros (available until 30 April or sold out – see Tickets FAQ for how to apply)
  • Low-income tickets level 2: 95 euros (available until sold out – see Tickets FAQ for how to apply)



Please pay what you can afford, so more money can go towards art projects. Nowhere is a not-for-profit organisation and nobody gets paid or receives free tickets, including artists, performers, volunteers and organisers.

We have had to raise ticket prices slightly this year. This is to cover a substantial increase in VAT in Spain. Nowhere does everything we can to keep ticket prices as low as possible. This year we are also capping the number of tickets available at each price to help us budget. To get the cheapest tickets, buy your ticket early.

VERY IMPORTANT: Tickets are electronic; you won’t get a physical ticket sent to you. We need to scan the barcode on your ticket at the Gate, so make sure you print it out and bring it with you!


All tickets are subject to a booking fee. The booking fee is the charge that Brown Paper Tickets and the credit card companies charge, and is the lowest we can find. Tickets cannot be bought through any other channel.

By purchasing your ticket, you agree to be subscribed to our mailing list, which we use to send out important information about Nowhere. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.

Please read our Tickets FAQ before buying your ticket


Junk Raft Armada, art boat from Barcelona to Stromboli

Some Nowhere folks (some call them Nooners or Nobodies) are planning a Junk Raft Armada. The idea is to build a boat, more specifically a gunk. Here’s the idea:

This summer, we plan to build a fleet of 2 or more rafts in Spain and travel across/around the Mediterranean to southern Italy (Stromboli).

The rafts will be made from ‘junk’ anything we can find, reuse, recycle or buy very cheap when we have to. see here for some more info

We are inspired by the Floating Neutrinos, Richie Sowa’s Spiral Island project, the ‘Junk’ plastic bottle craft that crossed the Pacific to highlight the ‘trash island’ in the Pacific Gyre, Plastiki, the art rafts at the Venice Biennial, the Ohio River Trip and many other floating art and activism projects.

We would like to have performers aboard so that we can stage performances at towns/ports along the way from Spain to Italy (fire/circus/burlesque etc…)

One of the rafts will be a large floating stage. Another large raft or two will provide cabins for crew, a galley and common area. Anyone who wants to build their own smal raft/boat/floating home is welcome to join the Armada.

The build can start any time, but we are working towards mid-May, building until late July in Barcelona.

The trip should take about 4 weeks, from late July to the beginning of September.

We want to make it to the Stromboli fire performers festival in time to put on a show and join in the festivities.

Right now we need people to start getting interested and talking about this project with each other (the reason for starting a Facebook group).

Please get in touch with Ants Hiron ASAP if you are interested in getting involved in any of the following roles (this is just a starting list of volunteer positions, I’m sure there will be more to come later).

The 2013 Junk Raft Aramada

Sounds like a crazy idea, but there are some other people who have done it already:

Chicken John's art boat
What are these art boats? POST #2 Lost Vegas this Saturday night at CELL SPACE « Chicken John.

Stay in the loop

Here’s an overview of all the local burner groups in Europe, from the Nowhere mailing list:

A great place to start if you want to join email lists and see what events are coming up

Nowhere – Espania

UK Burners

French Burners

Italian Burners

Amsterdam and Netherlands Burners

Mediterranean Burners

German Burners

Burners from Belgium

Irish Burners

Burning Man Czech

Burning Man Lithuania

Burning Man Russia

Burning Man Eastern Europe

Burners without Borders

Interview with Dave Bradshaw, co-founder of Nowhere.

There’s a nice interview with Dave Bradshaw, who was one of the people to start Nowhere. It’s in French: Dave Bradshaw, co-fondateur d’un festival artistique affranchi. Here is a link to the Google translation for those who don’t understand French and don’t mind a computer translation: Dave Bradshaw, co-founder of an arts festival freed (Google Translate)

Another wonderful blog from a wonderful Nowhere friend

Here is another blog post from a Nowhere friend: Nowhere & I by Leaf.

I have not posted my own experiences, but since Leaf and Daydreamer, or Julien and Jonás as I got to know them, have written them down so beautifully and they correspond so much with my own feelings I will just promote their blogs here.

I jus got goosbumps all over reading that Julien caried, and maybe is still carying, the wish I made at Nowhere:

This year at Nowhere I made a wish on a bracelet, «I wish nev­er to loose the mag­ic», some­one some­where might be wear­ing it, or as kept it in some place, as I did for the «wish to be fear­less» I took in ex­change.

So be sure to follow Julien/Leaf’s blog at and Jonás/Daydreamer’s blog.

Back from Nowhere

Just got back to Brussels from Nowhere. Did strike for a couple of days, had to leave on Wednesday, so missed the last night on site xhack probably turned into a party and also missed the Barcelona after party.

Got the van full taking some hasidic Jew from Übertown and a squater from London and had a great time driving back. To bad we couldn’t take the weather with us.