Nowhere 2013 tickets

Nowhere 2013 tickets are selling fast, get yours now!

Level 1 tickets for 105 euro till 30 April or till they sell out (there’s 400).

Last year there where about 1000 participants at Nowhere, but if the growth trend of previous years continues, there could be more then 1200 this year. And AFAIK the cap for the current location is 1200. So in theory Nowhere could sell out this year.

Prices for 2013 are:

  •  Level 1: 105 euros (available until 30 April or sold out)
  •  Level 2: 115 euros (available until 30 April or sold out)
  •  Level 3: 125 euros (available until 31 May or sold out)
  •  Level 4: 135 euros (available until sold out)
  • Gate sales: 170 euros (no gate sales after Friday midday)
  • Children under 14: Free (click the ‘Buy tickets’ link below to get child tickets – these are free so there won’t be a charge)
  • Low-income tickets level 1: 75 euros (available until 30 April or sold out – see Tickets FAQ for how to apply)
  • Low-income tickets level 2: 95 euros (available until sold out – see Tickets FAQ for how to apply)



Please pay what you can afford, so more money can go towards art projects. Nowhere is a not-for-profit organisation and nobody gets paid or receives free tickets, including artists, performers, volunteers and organisers.

We have had to raise ticket prices slightly this year. This is to cover a substantial increase in VAT in Spain. Nowhere does everything we can to keep ticket prices as low as possible. This year we are also capping the number of tickets available at each price to help us budget. To get the cheapest tickets, buy your ticket early.

VERY IMPORTANT: Tickets are electronic; you won’t get a physical ticket sent to you. We need to scan the barcode on your ticket at the Gate, so make sure you print it out and bring it with you!


All tickets are subject to a booking fee. The booking fee is the charge that Brown Paper Tickets and the credit card companies charge, and is the lowest we can find. Tickets cannot be bought through any other channel.

By purchasing your ticket, you agree to be subscribed to our mailing list, which we use to send out important information about Nowhere. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.

Please read our Tickets FAQ before buying your ticket


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