dimipiraat on Twitter/X is not me!

I deleted my Twitter account (now X) a while ago and I heeded the warnings that someone might take my username (dimipiraat). I just found out that has happened, so contrary to most places on the internet the user dimipiraat on Twix is not me!

Losing 2FA access

Two factor authentication is great and very necessary, I enable it in most places where it is available.
The one downside is that when you lose access to your phone you need to reset 2FA in a lot of places. And obviously the backup codes also always seem to get lost.
BTW: This is a message to Matthew who I hope can help met get access again to my Matrix Mastodon account that I have access to this domain and the e-mail I sent him wasn’t spoofed! 😉

Following my dreams

What are you most proud of in your life?

First time answering one of these prompts. What I’m most proud of in my life is that I’ve been doing exactly what I dreamed, imagined, wanted do. The most recent example is sailing across an ocean (check svtropicaldawn.blog for more on that), which has been a dream since I was a teenager.

Sailing from Cape Town to Brazil has been the culmination of a process of imagination started about ten years ago when I decided to first visit and then move to South Africa. And that was set in motion by the imagination of living somewhere else then Belgium where I was born and grew up.

I know I have been extremely privileged to be able to realise these dreams, I definitely do not want to suggest that it’s easy to just follow your dreams. But I know a lot of people actually could do it, if they let go of the fear, if that voice (inside or outside your head) telling you it’s not possible.


Reblog via Dimi Piraat

Short documentary about the sewage being dumped off the beach of Camps Bay in Cape Town: youtu.be/tEh5JpoH9qo?si=U_z1rr

Hello Fediverse!

The blog finally has the ActivityPub plugin installed, so we are part of the Fediverse now! Yay!

I guess that means an introduction is in order? Geek, techie, web developer, traveler, into commons, free/libre/opensource, traveling, sailing, sustainability, off-grid, renewable energy, writing/blogging, too much to mention really.

I’ve got a bunch of Mastodon profiles, but will try to post here more often again!

We bought another boat

I just noticed the last post on this blog was announcing the buying of our Van de Stadt 34 sailboat Hoerikwaggo. Since we have sailed said boat on quite few day sails on said boat and figured out what exactly we want form a live aboard / full time, long distance cruiser. So we bought another boat: a Morgan 31 named Tropical Dawn. For photos and videos check out our Tropical Dawn Instagram account. We will try keep you updated both here and on our social media such as the Tropical Dawn Twitter account and our Tropical Dawn Facebook page.

We bought a boat! ⛵️

We just bought a sailboat, a Van De Stadt 34 yacht which we will spruce up a bit while we get our skipper’s license.

You can follow our boating adventures on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sailinghoerikwaggo/

And on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ2sX6HvuLcqYj7H0yd-3vw

Declassified: Apartheid Profits – André Vlerick, Banker and Bigot

To explain Vlerick’s willingness to lobby in favour of apartheid, one needs to understand that both profit and ideology were important motivators.

Read the full article here:


Activists question constitutional implications of City of Cape Town’s proposed by-law amendment



House(boat) goals

Super inspiring! Especially because it is self built and 100% off grid, taking care of fresh water, electricity, waste water, heating, everything. Not sure if I would be able to build one myself, but definitely a dream/goal for the future.

Wouldn’t really be an option here in Cape Town as this wouldn’t be safe on the ocean, but in Knysna, in the Garden Route, about five hours driving from Cape Town, there is a lagoon. It connects to the ocean but is sheltered and quite close to the town center. I could totally see us (my wife and I) retire there on a house float like this.