Let’s switch to Signal


Let’s switch to Signal

I see more and more of my friends are using Signal, which is awesome! Somehow WhatsApp is still my go-to messenger, and even though it has end-to-end encryption, it is nowhere as secure as Signal. So yeah: let’s all switch to Signal!

Encryption FTW: Senate’s Use of Signal A Good First Step, Experts Say


Senate’s Use of Signal A Good First Step, Experts Say | Threatpost | The first stop for security news

Check out “OpenKeychain: Easy PGP”


OpenKeychain: Easy PGP app for Android

I’ve been using this for a while now and it solves all my issues I had with PGP on Android before. Integrates with K9-mail app and even gets proofs from keybase.io 

Encrypt everything!

I’ve been getting into using PGP encryption and signing again lately, and also updated my keybase.io proof for zonk.be with an https version on https://keybase.io/dimipiraat

Keybase.io now offers private folders where you can store data, shared private folders to privately exchange files with other Keybase.io users and public folders which files are automatically signed to prove their validity.

If you’d like to get an invitation for keybase.io, I still have a few to spare. Or if you want to send me encrypted messages, even better, just get my key here and let’s encrypt!

Last but not least: I’ve been using the OpenKeychain app for Android and it is really neat, lots of nice bells and whistles! And they have this step-by-step tutorial to get you started: Email Encryption with Android — A Quick Start Guide

Green HTTPS icon

This site (https://zonk.be) finally has the green “Secure Connection” icon. Was actually as simple as wp search-replace https://zonk.be/ https://zonk.be/ thanks to WP-CLI. If I can do it anyone can do it, just get your site on SSL/TLS, easy peasy and free with Let’s Encrypt!

A novel way to use the blockchain: Ke…

A novel way to use the blockchain: Keybase now hashes its announcements into it. #bitcoin #blockchain #encryption #keybase #pgp