You might have noticed this button: flattr this! under my blog posts. Unless you already know Flattr, you might have asked yourself: “what is this about?” Well I’m basically asking you to give me money. If you like my posts consider signing up on and pushing that button once in a while. You can also use it to support a lot of other creators and projects like Mixxx DJ Software, the Diaspora Pod and Apache News Lab.

Until a year and a half you could also send me tips in Bitcoin via Youtipit, they unfortunately shut down their service, but if you want to tip me with Bitcoin, feel free to send them to 18vMGUw683SraJT2vsMMYGZfqYcoktiXv3.

Recently I made an account on ChangeTip, which is comparable to what Youttipit was, but with a lot more options and more user friendly. So feel free to Tip Me via ChangeTip.

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