Another wonderful blog from a wonderful Nowhere friend

Here is another blog post from a Nowhere friend: Nowhere & I by Leaf.

I have not posted my own experiences, but since Leaf and Daydreamer, or Julien and Jonás as I got to know them, have written them down so beautifully and they correspond so much with my own feelings I will just promote their blogs here.

I jus got goosbumps all over reading that Julien caried, and maybe is still carying, the wish I made at Nowhere:

This year at Nowhere I made a wish on a bracelet, «I wish nev­er to loose the mag­ic», some­one some­where might be wear­ing it, or as kept it in some place, as I did for the «wish to be fear­less» I took in ex­change.

So be sure to follow Julien/Leaf’s blog at and Jonás/Daydreamer’s blog.

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