Summer time in Brussels

Piknik Elektronik


The PiKniK events wish to Kreate a relaxed atmosphere, positive and Kommunicative vibes as well to offer great musiK. For the young or the young at heart, for Kouples and singles, for bankers and artists -PiKniK is an event for everybody. We invite you to Kome together and to spend a joyful day with respeKt for each other.

Unfortunately, our lovely Brussels is influenced by the whims of nature. Please show understanding for that our events depend Kompletely on weather Konditions.

Therefore, please note that each PiKniK will be confirmed the Thursday preceding the event! While it is not so much the rain that frightens us, it is the risk to ruin eleKtroniK devices etc. that forces us to Kancel in case of bad weather Konditions.
However, we do hope to be able to Konfirm a maximum of events!

Here are our 5 PiKniK rules. We kindly ask you to Komply with them:

  • Join us at the bar, where an even more varied menu of drinks is waiting for you
  • Pick up your litter
  • Do not bring any glass bottles. They will be confisKated by our security staff
  • RespeKt nature and use ashtrays for your cigarette stubs
  • Stay KoolThank you very much for your inKredible energy and for your precious support!


Stubborn annual urban event on the city’s sites of pain, taking place for four weekends every summer since 1997.

PleinOPENair’s brief is to explore the city’s ‘terra incognita’, liven them up by organizing an open-air cinema on site, and raise awareness about broader urban issues. Like a flag PleinOPENair plants its screen and claims the site for urban cultural and artistic activity. But cinema is only the opportunity, a wide variety of activities ranging from theatre over installation, performance, architecture, radio to new media and well beyond, have meanwhile joined the urban caravan.

A lot has changed since the first edition of PleinOPENair in 1997. The crowd of between 100 and 200 it pulled then, has now easily six folded. The themes have covered an area from “privatisation of public space” to “urban renewal.” And the sites have varied from adjacent to the Grand Place to the outer limits of the 19th century city, but it still free entrance and is still a project of urban buccaneers.

Recyclart Summer

Recyclart is a non profit organisation founded in 1997 and located in the abandoned train station Brussel-Kapellekerk/Bruxelles-Chapelle, downtown Brussels. The organisation has a double, unique identity: on the one hand it’s a small multidisciplinary arts centre and on the other hand, it hosts a training centre for wood and metal construction (Fabrik) and catering (Bar Recyclart).

Recyclart develops projects in the city’s public space and in the neighbourhood thereby linking people, various media and artistic disciplines. The centre organises parties, concerts, photo exhibitions and debates and lectures on architecture, public space and design. Besides, there are 4 work and exhibition spaces that are temporarily offered to visual artists who can apply for a residency of max. 6 months.

The different spaces of the train station have been converted into a bar/restaurant, technical and artistic work spaces, a concert venue (capacity of 450 people) and offices. The nearby railway bridges function as an urban open-air gallery. The square in front of the station is home to both loungers and skateboarders, a summer terrace and open-air events.

Recyclart is inspired by the capital’s fascinating daily reality which is fed by the city’s varied cultures and communities. Being a true Belgian project, with fundings from the city and the different governments, both Dutch and French are used as official languages, among collegues and in public communication.