Where are we now with the federated social web?

Where are we now with the open source, federated social web? There is diaspora* which has a bit of momentum now, but which lacks in functionality for those looking for a FB replacement. There is Identi.ca, which according to me has lost functionality and usability since moving from StatusNet to pump.io. There is Red Matrix, which has a lot of functionality, is interoperable with diaspora* and Friendica, but which is a usability nightmare. And there is Movim, which looks quite sleek, has more functionality then diaspora*, but communicates using XMPP, which makes it impossible to connect to diaspora* or Red, whereas XMPP/Jabber is (still) mainly used for basic chat functionality. I would hope that there was a way to pull this all together and make one nice platform, or even a couple of platforms but in such a way that they can communicate. Still, feels like we are getting somewhere.

#diaspora #redmatrix #identica #movim #friendica #federated #networks