Thank you 2013!

Thank you 2013, you have been great to me. This year I travelled and couch-surfed trough Morocco, went on a road trip/tour with a Koyote and a Monkey, hitch hiked from Brussels to Berlin, did a body suspension in Oslo, built a Barrio with a bunch of friends and had a beautifully intense Nowhere, road tripped trough Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands with my gunsteling meissie, had a super deep Ayahuasca experience with some of my closest friends, went in catacombs, tunnels and sewers under Paris, Antwerp and Brussels, stepped on an air-plane to live in Cape Town for half a year without any concrete plan and discovered it is even more beautiful than I had expected. Most of all, I got to spend so such intense times with the most beautiful people I am happy to call family ans share beautiful and difficult moments with them. Especially the difficult times, having friends allowed me to see them when they where vulnerable and being able to show my true self when I was. This year has given me so much, much more than I could have ever wished for of dream of. I entered 2013 with my N.A.C. family and under the guidance of road man Randy, the beautiful human who sadly passed away this year but who I was very lucky to spend some beautiful time with. Thank you Life for this wonderful year!

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