Off to Namibia

OK, I put it out there so no coming back from it, I promised a new blog post every Wednesday. Biggest thing today is hitch hiking to Namibia. Since I am here in South Africa on a tourist visa and have been here for almost 3 months, it’s time to do a border run. Also a good reason to finally get out of Cape Town that has treated me so good that I found it very hard to leave.

So off to Namibia it is. This will be only my second real hitch hiking adventure (the first one was hitching from Brussels to Berlin) and first time in South Africa. But the road fairy is favouring me, already have a ride to Vrededal, which is half the way to Namibia. Must be good karma from picking up people roadtripping trough Europe with my van.

Not sure what to expect from Namibia, Orange River and Fish River Canyon are on the way and definitely on my list and Kolmanskop, the ghost town that is half buried in the sand is on there too. Probably try to stick to the coast since everybody has warned me that it is going to be scorching hot. I love desert and heat, those are a few of the reasons I love Nowhere, so we’ll see how this goes. Will post an update of my adventures, so check this space next week!

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