Burning Man tickets update

OK, so the March open sale has been discontinued. SO unless you are one of the people BMORG deems indespensable for making Burning Man 2012 happen, there isn’t a way to buy tickets directly any more. Guess I’ll hope for the best, with this STEP thing. But I’m kind of thinking I won’t be able to see the man burn this year.

UPDATE: The March Open Sale of 10,000 tickets has been discontinued. Burning Man has determined that we must redistribute all remaining tickets to a subset of established teams, projects, and collaborations, in order to preserve the core of Black Rock City in 2012. Please see this announcement for more information on the cancellation of that sale.

We will launch our Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) and the opening of our Low Income Ticket Program application on February 29th. Due to overwhelming demand, only previously registered applicants will be eligible to register for STEP purchases.

Aside from our Low Income allocation (4,000 tickets) for qualifying applicants, tickets for Burning Man 2012 are no longer available for purchase.




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