Wonderever barrio at Nowhere

A couple of people went to Nowhere in 2012, had a great time and decided to make there own barrio, and it’s official now; Wonderever is coming to Nowhere 2013. A new barrio built from a lot of enthousiasm and good vibes.

We are a small but super chill barrio where we keep it to luxury basics in order to wonder and wander as much as possible with the rest of the Nowherian community. Eclectic sounds, excellent food, loving people, relax zone, tastings, wonderings, shade, little projects, dream atmospheres and so much more. A perfect base to launch and land your liminal wondering and wandering. Be welcome as you were, are and will be. Wonderever is limited to 20 people.

To join us, contact us via http://barrio.zonk.be/

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