What a ride

I know I’m lagging behind with my weekly posts on Wednesday, but if last week was hectic, it has now become a roller coaster ride. After my last post on Friday I felt I deserved a good night out, so that’s what I had. Warming up with some beers at Rafikis, hipster central on Kloofnek, hanging in the smokers alley and dancing at Aces and Spades and finishing up with a drink at Stones in Obz, because it’s the only place still open at 2AM.

Saturday noon was a very nice brunch in the park to wave off Meryem before she got on the plane back to Berlin. Next time I see her will be at Nowhere in the Spain, will be nice to meet up with some Cape Town friends as well as the regular Nobodies. And then coffee with Steven & Merel from Belgium who finished their 3 weeks in South Africa (much too short!) in the Mother City.

Sunday was AfrikaBurn work day with DPW. Even though I won’t be joining them for build in Tankwa, it was nice to work (mainly sitting in the grass, watching a tent dry) with them, such a nice pack of random crazies. And learned to play Ninja. Going back to the backpackers watching the end of day 4 of the second of three Australia – South Africa test games of cricket and deciding I need to see the third one here in Cape Town.

After more than a week of not sleeping well, either because of alcohol, heat or general hecticness at the backpackers, was sleeping like a rock when my roommate wakes me up shouting “Dimi, was you backpack here?” After my phone getting stolen at the same place less than a week before, I could at first not believe it when I saw my bag was indeed gone. Someone had jumped the wall, got into the room, grabbed my backpack and ran off. If it wasn’t for the quick response of my roommate and the neighbours, who’d just had their car window smashed helping the police find this guy, all my stuff would have been gone. Now at least I got the half back that didn’t mysteriously disappear in between the guy grabbing my back and the police catching him half an hour later.

Needless to say, I’d had enough of that place and a desperate plead on FB, got me enough couch surfing options to last me the next couple of weeks, until I can find a room to rent. Spend the last three nights in Hout Bay, on the other side of Table Mountain and away from the hustle and bustle of Cape Town city. It did me good to have some quiet time, yesterday evening going for a sunset swim at Penis Bay (Sandy Bay, gay nudist beach). I hope returning the smart phone I found lying on the beach to the police give me some extra good karma towards somehow getting back my own stolen phone or some other stuff.

I am starting to miss the city life though, so for tonight booked in a decent backpackers on Long Street (confirmed that it’s a good place by two friends) so I can enjoy a night out at Natural Selection in The Waiting Room and before that going Bowl & Roll lawn bowling. I’m all for adventure, but do hope the next week will be a bit less eventful or at least have less unpleasant surprises.

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