Welsh Regional Burn

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I hereby present to you: Nest – a brand new regional burn.

It is taking place in Southern Wales through Spring Bank Holiday Weekend – 24-27 May. The event will run in line with the 5 core principles of Nowhere (Self Expression, Self Reliance, Participation, Leave No Trace, No Commerce).

The site itself has 250 beds spread across 8-12 bed cabins and larger bunk houses. There are indoor spaces for a variety of activities and some large fields to spill into for domes, stages and camping. The total festival capacity is 300-500.

Since this is a brand new event, we are starting with ?0 – The happening of this event is totally dependent on us raising the site deposit (through pre-sale tickets) by 4 January. Please buy your ticket TODAY – burningnest.co.uk ! Prices will rise when we officially launch the event in January.

If you’re interested in helping to turn this incredible blank canvas into an eclectic festival starring art, sound stages, workshops, talks and more – please get in touch with involve@burningnest.co.uk with details of your interest, skills or equipment. More information will soon follow – including details of a site trip in January for people interested in taking lead roles.

Wishing everybody best of luck during the apocalypse (and secretly hoping for zombies),


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