Twitter Is Having A Bad Day: Bizarre “Blank Page” Is The New “Fail Whale”

In a previous post I was complaining that Tumblr was down a lot and didn’t even provide a Fail Whale. Well at least it provided some message explaining that the site was down. Now Twitter seems to have gone down so terribly that they didn’t even manage to show their all too famous Fail Whale. Good thing I’m not unseeing it any more, no thank you: for me! 😉

Notice that everything’s seemed kind of unusually quiet in the blogosphere all day ? From lagging tweets to the emergence of the new “@anywhere boosh” blank screen (“Fail Whale without the Whale”) error, it seems to me at least like the sundry unspecified  Twitter issues on the loose this morning and afternoon are actually CAUSING a slow news day. While the delay on the tweets was thankfully resolved a short while ago, users are still reporting the blank page error.

The problems are affecting both the website and clients. Some 3rd party client users are also noticing interesting tweet crawling errors and the clients crashing altogether, like this random cluster of tweets at the bottom of a Tweetdeck search for tweets from “Mediagazer” performed by Atul Arora. It’s unclear if all the problems are related.


While Twitter says it’s working on fixing the issues and that the blank screen has only appeared for a small number of users but wouldn’t comment on any specific cause. It seems like, at least from the timing of complaints, that the situation is ongoing. I’m seeing reports coming from outlets as diverse and mainstream as The Washington Post and The Village Voice that something’s rotten in the state of Twitter. In fact I just got the screen image above while searching for tweets to include in this post. It’s not just you.

Dave Winer

Dave Winer

What is @anywhere boosh and why am I getting redirected there?

about 16 hours ago via webRetweetReply



okkk when i just pressed ‘home’ on my twitter page it took me 2 a blank page called @anywhereboosh

about 1 hour ago via webRetweetReply

Sorry for the errant tweets, folks. The Twitter API and some filtering went awry. We’re working on it but the flood should be over.

about 18 hours ago via TweetDeckRetweetReply

Richard MacManus

Richard MacManus

.@benkepes I agree, but a UX issue is solvable. TweetDeck is attempting it, what’s to say Twitter itself won’t follow soon too.

about 1 hour ago via TweetDeckRetweetReply


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