Surface Tension

We walk each other by in the supermarket, trying to ignore each others’ gaze.

All the lonely people, where do they all come from ?

It seems like the more people live together, the more we live apart. I can remember the time when the term Living Apart Together (LAT) was still a neologism. That was back in the eighties. Nowadays it seems we are Living Together Apart more then ever.

Walking trough life I see beautiful, tender people. I would like to touch them, be touched by them. But there is this surface tension. It is far to dangerous to be touched, it would burst our bubble, yours and mine. The bubble keeping you and me from melting together and becoming one.

It fills me with love for humanity to see all these fragile souls. To be touched by them nevertheless, somewhere inside. I long to be touched even deeper, with all my body and soul. But the tension that keeps this from happening is also a beautiful arch, like the tension built up in a well told story. Keeping me hooked, fantasizing of what could be.

With an open mind, heart and soul there is much wonder to come. Nothing to fear, not loneliness, no losing of self. I look out and with a clear view I don’t see lonely people anymore. And I see a tension, not to be broken, but to feel, to touch, to explore, to ride like a water strider. Like two bubbles, touching, sticking together, but not becoming one, floating trough the air together.

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