Solidarity with protesters today! A few tips for those about to riot.…

Solidarity with protesters today! A few tips for those about to riot.

This is all just reposted information I found and is readily available on the net and is for information purposes only…

Here is a nice scientific guide on how to break the kettle!

Remember to wrap up warm and take lots of high calorie foods with you and plenty of fluids. Wear shinpads if you are down the front to protect you from sly cop shinkicks.

Don’t be a fucking coward, don’t throw missiles from the back of the crowd you could injure one of your own, get forward do your dance then retreat, get down low try and change your appearance then pop up in another area of the protest.

If they throw from the back, give em a smack.

Loads for really useful legal advice for protesters can be found here…

Other useful reading for those wanting to organise and prepare for effective protest…

Guide To Public Order Situations, updated January 2010 

Delia Smiths Blockading For Beginners

Direct Action – A Handbook (look for newer edition called The Handbook of Direct Action) 

Bodyhammer: Tactics and self-defence for the modern protester 

Tech Tools for Activist

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