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BWB has been wildly successful at supporting creative grassroots initiatives that create thriving communities. Now, we are building a website that will accelerate the community’s capacity to share resources and ideas to create civic projects that make a difference.

Help Build!

SocialAlchemy is a social network for people who want to help people. This upcoming project, brought to you by Burners Without Borders, catalyzes spontaneous collaboration on community projects. It’s a place where anybody can come and share their idea to help the world, and others can contribute to make it happen.

The project is currently in prototyping, and we are actively recruiting for our Phase 2 team which will be extending the prototype into a production web site with live traffic. We expect this phase to begin around October 2012, and culminate in a public launch in spring of 2013. Our staffing needs include:

    •    Front-end Developers (Experience with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, etc.)

    •    Back-end Developers (Experience with PHP and/or Rails preferred)

    •    Operations Engineer (Experience with LAMP servers)

    •    Project Manager (Experience with distributed development teams preferred)

    •    UX and Visual Designers (Experience with production web apps)

If one of these sounds like you, or you just want more information, please e-mail

We are a small group of passionate volunteers who believe in this idea, and we need you to make it happen!

A project from Burners Without Borders that looks promising and is looking for help.

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