Hitting the Spanish roads

Embarking on a new adventure, a road trip from Barcelona to who knows where. Arrived in Barcelona on Sunday to meet up with Helena and spending a few days here before hitting the Spanish roads together. As any good road trip should be, no fixed plans, lots of possibilities.

Left Brussels on Friday, heading for Monkey Town, Paris via the really nice N2 route national, that goes from the French-Belgian border near Mons straight to Paris. It takes longer then taking the highway, but not only saves money on péage, but makes for a beautiful journey through the North of France.

In Paris finally getting to see the legendary place called Monkey Town. Unfortunately skipping the plan for going down the catacombs, a lot more driving ahead the next days and spending a night under ground to crawl up and catch the first metro wouldn’t be the smartest thing. Next time!

Catching our two blablacar ride shares, we hit the road South. Having Monkey as co-driver is awesome, bringing back memories of our previous road trip together, the Koyote 2013 Spring tour. We got to enjoy my friend Nouty Bwoy’s hospitality and spend a night at his South France hide out. Thanks again for everything Nouty!

Finally got to Barcelona Sunday evening after getting stuck in traffic from the Costa Brava. It still being as hot as when I left here a month ago. Leaving Cara, the van, on the Montjuïc hill with a nice view of the city. Spending some time meeting up with friends and just slacking off.

After this it’s off to Calafou and then dropping by friends in Alforja and El Pinell de Brai here in Catalunya, going for a skinny dip in the most beautiful swimming place. After that probably heading North-West towards the Spanish Atlantic coast, Cantabria and Asturias where I’ll try to teach a South African chick to surf. And then back North via the French Atlantic coast up to the Lowlands.

If you have any tips or are somewhere on the road and wanna meet up, drop me a line. See you on the road!

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