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Friendika is a distributed social network application which runs on commodity hosting platforms – PHP/MySQL/Apache. (If you can install Drupal or WordPress you can probably install Friendika)

A single Friendika installation supports up to several thousand members.

Every Friendika installation can connect with any other to create a social networkwithout limits. (And one that nobody can own or control).

Friendika can also connect to your friends in other social networks – such as Status.Net, identi.ca, GNU-social, and Google Buzz. The list of supported networks is growing.

Standard features include:

  • Micro-blogging (status updates)
  • Photo sharing
  • YouTube video sharing
  • Simple but thorough privacy controls:
    • Access any item by user and/or group
    • Participate in private conversation groups
    • Send private “email” to friends
    • Private profiles – assignable to individual friends
    • Opt-in to site and global directory
  • Photo tagging
  • Like/Dislike
  • Multiple profiles
  • Rich profiles
  • OpenID
  • Create Group/Celebrity/Fan pages
  • Ability to “ignore” or completely block any contact
  • Supports one-way relationships
  • Photo albums and collections
  • Rich-text editing
  • “Unlimited” item posting length
  • Location sharing/geotagging
  • Membership and friend restrictions by domain or email address if a closed network is desired
  • Zero maintenance, with no special “admin” privilege
  • BSD license
  • Much, much more…

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