I’ve finally got my Fairphone. Years after hearing about the idea’s behind it and eight months after ordering it and crowdfunding it in the process. I’ll use the excuse that I’m writing this blog post on it not to make a full review. I’m just ☺ as a child with my new toy. Also because it shows that there are other ways than the anything to make a profit ideology that drives companies like Apple to glue in batteries so you can’t replace them yourself.

One app that came already installed on the Fairphone is iFixit, which tells you how to fix anything from a Mac to your car. Another nice one, developed by the Fairphone team themselves is Peace of Mind, which lets you put your phone in ✈ mode for a set time, up to 3 hours.

For an explanation how the sourcing of the material and the production were done in the fairest way possible, you should read the Fairphone website, where you can also sign up to know when they will be producing the second batch.

I’ll just leave you with a couple of pictures of the small details that just made me smile.




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