Extra Burning Man tickets in STEP

You probably already heard that BMorg is making extra tickets available in the STEP program: More Burning Man 2012 Tickets Becoming Available.

Today (Sunday, July 8) 1,000 additional $390 tickets will be placed into the Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP). This will get tickets to many of those who were not awarded tickets in the Main Sale, registered for STEP, and have been waiting patiently in the queue. (There continues to be a consistent trickle of tickets bought and sold through STEP, and the pace may increase as the summer wears on and people change their plans.)

I guess it’s not one of those tickets since I only got an e-mail yesterday, but it must have helped getting me to the front of the que since I just got to an e-mail telling me that I can actually buy a ticket for this year’s Burning Man:

DEAR D******,

We’re happy to tell you that tickets have been resold into the Secure Ticket Exchange Program and are now available for you to buy.

You are being offered tickets at whichever face value is available, plus applicable delivery and service fees. You will have 72 hours to buy tickets using your unique link – nobody else can use it and it cannot be shared. After 72 hours the purchase link will expire and the tickets will be released to the next person on the list.

Click this link to buy your ticket(s) within 72 hours: http://tickets2.burningman.com/cart.php?secure_vars=*********


Burning Man Tickets

This email address cannot accept replies. To respond to this email please go to http://tickets2.burningman.com/contact and select the appropriate topic from the drop down menu

Too bad the link doesn’t actually work, I get a page saying:

We’re sorry but the email containing this link was sent in error during routine server tests. We apologize for any inconvenience, but please note that this has not effected your position in STEP. You will be notified by email once your turn comes up in STEP.

I had already given up hope of going to Burning Man this year anyhaw and have made other plans. Gonna wait till next year for my first burn in the Black Rock Dessert. But if you are still looking for tickets and are in the STEP program, keep an eye on your inbox. And if you aren’t in STEP, there’s still hope:

1,000 additional $390 tickets will be made available to the general public through a first-come first-serve online private sale on August 3 at noon PST. You need not have registered for the sale in January, or signed up for STEP—anyone may participate in the sale, but you must request access to the private sale during a 12-hour sign up period between 10am PST and 10pm PST on Wednesday, August 1. When you sign up, you’ll be asked for your name, your email address, and your zip or postal code. You will then be added to the list of people allowed into the private sale. Your email address will be your key to enter the sale. The sale will take place online on Friday, August 3, at 12 noon PST. Tickets are one per person, will all be held at Will Call, and are not available for name changes (this is necessary to prevent these precious tickets from ending up in the hands of scalpers). Full information will be posted on http://tickets.burningman.com.

Good luck!

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