Curious about the world and its people? You have been invited by Dimi to join BeWelcome!

Since I don’t like to send out these spamy invite mails, I’ll just post it here. Check out BeWelcome, it’s a bit like CouchSurfing, but not corporate and in my idea still much more community oriented.


There is a new project I want to tell you about. It’s called BeWelcome and that’s how they describe themselves:

“BeWelcome is a hospitality and culture exchange network, founded and managed by dedicated volunteers from all over the world. Our dream is to create a project which allows everybody (whether travelling abroad or near home) to see their destination through the eyes of local people and to experience their unique culture.”


I am a member already and like it a lot! It’s free of charge and completely run by motivated volunteers.

Why don’t you have a quick look and check out my profile under the username dimid

Be Welcome!

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