Carfree Brussels

On days like these I love Brussels. Today was car-free Sunday, which means the whole of Brussels is freed from cars from 9 am till 7 pm. The sad thing is that by 7:15 it’s business as usual. But until then pedestrians, cyclist, skateboarders; Rollerbladers and all other non-motorised traffic have a free reign.

Saw the youngest punk rockers ever at Beursschouwburg: My Dog is Radioactive, a bunch of 10 year olds playing like it’s the only thing they ever did. The crowd loved it and I must say, they are better than a lot of band I’ve seen. So next time I see some mediocre pop-punk I can honestly say I’ve seen 10-year olds play better.

After that I went to Place Rouppe where the death of Semira Adamu was remembered with a few speeches and a concert by Asian Dub Foundation. The concert made me think about Fortress Europe and the hypocrisy around it. I’m glad there is this annual remembrance, because even I tend to forget how fucked up our European migration policies are. Fuck Frontex! Keep banging on the walls of fortress Europe!

To finish the night I went to Bonefooi, where Dans Dans played, a very good band. Don’t know how to describe them so I’ll go with the bio on the Bonefooi website: From garage jazz, psychedelic blues and ecstatic noir soundtracks to spacey rock-‘n-roll: the labels that get thrown at Dans Dans give a pretty good indication of the extent of their eclectic style.

On days like these I’m happy to live in Brussels, where so much is happening and where there’s so much good music. It wont be long until Autumn really sets in and I’ll be very glad to be heading off to South Africa. But for now I’m enjoying this time in the city I was born in and with the people I can truly call my friends.

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