Best of spam

Once in a while I find spam in my inbox that is too good, like this one:

Whats up.

I sincerely look forward that I will not damage ur heart. Shit happens, life didn’t give me selection. I don’t hate people with special tastes, moreover only God can judge u. So:

Firstly, I installed the particular virus on a web site with porn videos (I think you understood me).

Secondly, when you tapped on a video, soft at once started working, all cameras switched on and screen started recording, then my soft collected all contacts from emails, messengers etc. Im very proud for this soft, it makes devices act as rdp with keylogger , impressive. This email address Ive collected from your device, I message u here because I guess u definitely are going to check your working address.

Eventually, I created a split screen video, with your participation and porn film from your screen, its kinda weird. Therefore, I can share this video with all your friends, colleagues, relatives etc. I think it’s a big shame for u.

But we can resolve this problem. 320 Usd- in my opinion, very common cost for false like this.

I accept only btc(cryptocurrency), this is my wallet’s address- 1FqwA3oeWBSnjJZn3E59D6GSiec6cYRPos U have 45 hours after reading my notification to finish transaction. I will know when u read this letter, I put special tracking pixel in it. This time is enough only to complete all verifications and transaction, so you have to think rapidly. If I wont receive my «wage», I will share this video with all contact Ive received from ur device.

You can ask cops for a support, but they wont search out me for even 150 hours, Im from Romania, so think twice. If Ill receive btc- all evidence will be erased forever and I will never contact you again.

You can reply, but this wont make sense, I sent you this notification using my soft for anonymous messages, I don’t check the inbox after using it, cuz I think about my safety too. Have a nice day, I hope u will make a good decision for you.

What I take away from this:

  1. Cover your webcam
  2. Use a secure operating system, like Linux
  3. Don’t be gullible

The Bitcoin address didn’t get any payments on it yet, which means that either a) they are using a separate Bitcoin address for each mail they send or b) the scam hasn’t been succesfull yet.

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