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Nowhere has got a new grant scheme, next to the Art Grants: an Innovation Grant. The idea is to promote projects that reduce the environmental impact of the Nowhere festival. A very nice idea, since last year it kind of bugged me that there are so many diesel generators there. Running whole sound systems such as those of Übertown or the Garden or even smaller ones of solar or wind power might not be feasible, but I hope more sustainable ways will come to Nowhere this and the coming years.

Here’s the info from the Nowhere website:

Innovation Grant GuideNowhere 2012-060

We suggest you print this page out and read it carefully before filling in the grant application form below. Remember to complete a leave no trace form too and email it to us at

What is the Innovation Grant?

The Innovation Grant is a brand new assistance team at Nowhere, bringing even more creative ideas to the playa and encouraging invention, problem-solving and tinkering as great forms of radical self-expression! It runs alongside, but separate to the existing Art Grant scheme.

How is the Innovation Grant different to the Art Grant?

The Art Grant funds participatory art projects at Nowhere, that bring people together and get them to interact and have fun together. The Innovation Grant fund practical projects that improve Nowhere and the infrastructure and processes that enable our community to exist.

Example projects might speed-up construction & takedown of Nowhere, provide better lighting, save water or electricity, provide greener power, reduce vehicle use, or find a clever way of reusing rubbish. Innovation Grant projects don’t necessarily have to be participatory or artistic, they can be ‘behind the scenes’ or purely functional.

What are the application requirements?

The Innovation Grant only helps projects that improve Nowhere or reduce our impact on the surrounding environment. Any project must benefit the wider Nowhere community and cannot simply benefit a particular person or theme camp.

Innovation projects could be a single item, a series of items or even a service (such as a bike-loan scheme). Projects can be something you have developed from scratch, something you have assembled from parts or something you have purchased and want to bring to Nowhere. If in doubt, email us and we’ll tell you whether it’s suitable!


What support can the Innovation Team offer

The Innovation Team can provide you with support to help you plan your project, find expertise and overcome problems. We can also offer you financial assistance of up to €200 to help with the costs of building your project and getting it to the playa.

  • The maximum grant amount is €250 or 70% of your project cost, whichever is lower.
  • We cannot fund your time, your labour or any personal costs such as your food or travel.
  • Grant expenditure must be agreed by us beforehand and receipts must be kept for all costs.
  • Grants are usually paid in arrears, on production of valid receipts. Advance payments can be arranged in exceptional circumstances.


How do I apply?!

To apply for Innovation Grant help, fill in the Application Form below. There are two deadline dates. We strongly encourage you to apply as early as possible!

The first round of grants close on 5th April 2013

The second round of grants close on 5th May 2013

Click here to view and download the application forms

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